Tom Jones
Artist - Pontypridd


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Pencil drawing from photograph
Gently does it.
From a photo taken in 1971
Tsavo Elephant
from a photograph
This took a long time to draw.
Bristol Zoo Tiger
From a photo I took in Innsbruck Zoo
European Lynx
These were meant to be two seperate pictures but I drew them too close together
Eagle and Red Kite
Pencil on Bristol-board
Giraffe from Longleat
From a photo
Cheetah and Cub
Drawn from a photograph
Dont mess with me!
Pencil on Bristol-board
The Eagle is Landing
Pencil on Bristol-board
Give us a Kiss
Watercolour and Pencil on Water-colour board.
Watercolour on board
Watercolour on board
Fritillary on Honeysuckle
Relaxing pattern of Maize stem cells. Framed
Monocot Stem
Microscopic view of a Dicotyledonous root, Framed
Dicot Root
T.S. Buttercup root
Dicot Root
Memories of biology practicals.Illustration after MWMJ. Framed
Skulls and Dentition
Biology Practical work.After MWMJ
Opening Buds
Pencil on Bristol-board